Triple Summit

Munich, April 27th, 2012: SusCon Conference and B4E Summit join forces to create a roadmap to Rio+20 and back. Following the disappointing results of the Copenhagen and Durban conferences, all eyes are now on Rio with its historical background. Big emphasis will be needed on setting the agendas right - not only before but also after Rio. The partnership of two leading international summits will now be a major step in the right direction.

SusCon 2012 - International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption, gathering decision makers from private and public sector as well as NGOs in the aftermath of Rio in Bonn, signed a cooperation with the Business for the Environment Summit (B4E). B4E is the leading international platform for dialogue and partnership solutions for the environment. The B4E summits bring together world leaders, CEOs, senior executives and industry experts to share ideas and commit to solutions, which address the most urgent environmental challenges facing the world today. Topics such as resource efficiency, renewable energy, biodiversity and new business models will be discussed at the annual summit taking place on May 22-23, 2012 in Berlin.

“We see the B4E summit in Berlin as an important opportunity to closely collaborate with business and related stakeholders from the public sector and international organisations to create a strong voice and active policy recommendations into Rio” describes Patrick Schulze of Global Initiatives the ambitious goal of the Berlin summit, which will be co-hosted by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and other relevant institutions. “The collaboration with SusCon is a clear step in the right direction. We create policy recommendations in Berlin and SusCon can implement the result from both Berlin and Rio to turn theory into action”, the event organiser from Singapore adds.

„Green economy - from intention to action is our motto“, Fritz Lietsch, co-organiser of SusCon, adds as the direction for the event in Bonn in November. “Once the dust from Rio has settled, it is time to collaborate and to walk the talk. SusCon aims to develop practical approaches for business and frameworks for a successful green economy. The partnership between B4E and SusCon will ensure that the Rio momentum is kept to secure milestones for the future.”

“Our new partnership will create excellent content and timeline synergies. From Berlin to Bonn via Rio means we keep to the subjects in a sustainable way.” SusCon’s spokesman Lietsch adds. Beyond to the topics covered at B4E, SusCon will also focus on the challenge of “Financing Sustainability” as too often projects simply fail for monetary reasons. Bonn will take a close look at future funds, the role of pension funds and the responsibility of banks as well as the advancement of green venture funds – ensuring emphasis to keep the balance between profit and benefit.

“2012 will be the year to set the course. We need clear action and new business frameworks. More and more decision makers in politics, business, administration and media want to play an active role. We have opened the online registration for SusCon and offer attractive ways to get involved in both events - Berlin and Bonn”, says Udo Censkowsky, co-initiator of SusCon. ”The offers to get actively involved in setting the agenda for the future will enable decision makers to share their experience and make 2012 the year of action.” And Patrick Schulze adds: “See you in Berlin and Bonn!”

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B4E and SusCon 2012 - International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption - will bring together businesses with relevant stakeholders from government and UN organizations, and NGOs.

B4E Global Summit 2012 will take place in Berlin at Energieforum & Radialsystem 22-23 May, 2012

SusCon 2012 will take place in the UN city of Bonn on November 27-28, 2012. The conference theme “Green Economy – from intention to action”, will emphasize the importance of business and what, in practice, constitutes a “green economy”.

Up to 400 participants are expected for each event.

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