SusCon is organised by a partnership of three renowned organisations, who have each worked in the field of organic agriculture and sustainability for more than twenty years.

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Udo Censkowsky, Organic Services

Bernward Geier, Colabora - let's work together

Annette Diedrich, Organic Services

Mildred Steidle, Organic Services

Fritz Lietsch, Forum CSR international

COLABORA was founded in 2006 by the agronomist and journalist Bernward Geier, who worked before 18 years as Director of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) the organic world umbrella organisation. COLABORA works internationally focusing on environment issues, sustainability in all its facets as well as on ecological agri- and food culture. The three main working fields are:

COMMUNICATION (e.g. film projects, print media, lectures and moderation)
EVENTS (e.g. conferences, lecture tours of VIP Speakers and (cultural -) events)
CONSULTANCY (e.g. bio-dynamic project in Greece, organic marketing and One World Award)

“We must tread upon new economic ground. A main challenge for sustainable innovation is in answering critical questions such as: “Is the consumption of this product appropriate in this day and age? Do we really need this product? How will the product be transported? Which resources will be used in its manufacture? What benefits does it bring the people in the region of origin?”

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For more than 20 years, ALTOP has been one of the leading publishers on ecological issues and economic sustainability.
Altop created ECO-World as a forum to promote the long term importance of ecological products and services, and now operates for and together with consumers and companies. By providing them with the latest information, background knowledge and highly professional communication services, ALTOP supports their market penetration.
Sustainability should no longer be a vision for the future, but part of today's daily corporate practice. To achieve this paradigm shift,  the leading business CSR magazine, forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften was born in 2004. This magazine inspires top decision-makers in politics, business and non-profit organisations with best practice examples. The cover stories of this special interest magazine get to the bottom of recent trends and developments. CSR professionals and sustainability experts are provided with the tools for a successful everyday business.  The first magazine for international readers was published in 2008. forum CSR international covers the latest trends and opportunities for corporate social responsibility.
Beside publishing relevant information, ALTOP promotes the idea of a sustainable, green economy by organising events, by practical advice and by consulting SME and international companies.

"SusCon is the place where leading business best-practices meet representatives from NGOs and governments. Come,  develop ground-breaking and practical solutions for a greener economy and join us at this

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Organic Services is an international consultancy firm based in Munich, Germany with a global network of partners based in India, China, the US and Brazil. The core competence of Organic Services lies within organic agriculture, organic aquaculture, biodiversity and the food, and cosmetic sectors. Organic Services is also engaged in the development of sustainable agro-energy and social business projects and is co-founder of Soil & Energy gGmbH.
Organic Services GmbH has already organised several very successful, high profile international conferences, including the International Sustainability Conference,  in Nuremberg, Germany (2009); the Natural Cosmetics Conference, in Nuremberg, Germany (2008 and 2009), the International Conference on “Organic Sector Development in the Central/Eastern Europe and Central Asia" in Tbilisi, Georgia (2009), the First IFOAM International Conference on Marketing of Organic and Regional Values, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany (2008),  the India Organic Congress, Bangalore, India 2006 and the BioFach Congress in Nuremberg, Germany, annually since 2006.

“Just as a Europe that is pulled in all directions by individual interests cannot lastingly solve its economic and financial problems, we also can only solve the distribution of the world’s remaining raw materials, already underway in full swing, together and not against each other. Ultimately, we have the free choice, an economic system that serves its people the best, enshrines fairness and respects nature.”

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