Review SusCon 2010

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Vorschau Daniela Büchel, Rewe Group, Germany

“I’ll certainly keep SusCon 2010 in best memory - mainly because of the excellent programme. Conference themes and contents matched very well. The organizers managed to involve significant personalities from the sustainability sector in the conference. Congratulations on this successful event.”

Vorschau Stefan D. Seidel, Puma AG, Germany

“What makes SusCon so special is that the conference not only imparts theoretical knowledge, but also allows for concrete action. At SusCon 2010 I met representatives of the Trees for Global Benefit Programme Uganda and of Soil and More International. Today, PUMA works together with both organizations in the field of compensating CO2 emissions.”

Vorschau Chris Wille, Rainforest Alliance, Costa Rica and Portland, Oregon

“The side meetings between sessions are the most valuable part of some conferences. The networking opportunities at the SusCon were excellent, and the presentations themselves ranged from informative to inspiring.”